Gopal Roy warns govt of drinking Water shortage in coming months

Gopal Ch.Roy, ex.PCC president and former CLP leader,Tripura today in his statement said “Hilly & interior vilage people are suffering for shrinking water in particular and all other sources of water in general even from the pre winter seasons. This dry season will continue atleast till 31st March next year.
But Tripura Government is being the silent spectator”.

In his statement he also claimed that No arrangement for water has been made.The DWS department is sleeping. Even small canals are also becoming dry due to accumulating muddy waters. Due to crisis of water, diseases like entrik, cholera,stomach problems including viral diseases becomes the routine of this dry season in the hilly and interior vilages leading to this epidemic every year.

He also said “As medical infrastructure is almost broken in Tripura hence Govt. should be alert & take adequate steps to prevent the same epidemic season like earlier years”.

He also added in his statement “Govt should fill up the vacancy of doctors & nurses to atleast enable minimum infrastructure in sub-primary, primary health centre in these hilly & interior vilages including Subdivisional hospitals.
As more then 700 doctors & 6000 nurses are unemployed”.

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