India records more Daily New Recoveries than Daily New Cases for 44 successive days

Active Caseload declines to 4.65 lakhs

India has continued the unbroken trend of the daily new recoveries outpacing the daily new additions for the 44th day. 

43,851 COVID-19 patients recovered in the last 24 hours against just 30,548 newly detected cases. This translates to a net reduction of 13,303 in the Active Caseload which now stands at 4,65,478. Daily new cases numbering 30,548 is a historic low that assumes significance given many countries in Europe and America are experiencing a continuous steep rise in daily new cases.

The Recovery Rate has improved to 93.27% todayThe total recovered cases stand at 82,49,579.78.59% of the recovered cases reported in the last 24 hours are from ten States/UTs.Delhi saw the greatest number of recoveries as 7,606 confirmed cases recovered.

Kerala registered 6,684 daily recoveries while West Bengal followed by reporting 4,480 new recoveries.76.63% of the new cases have been reported from ten States/UTs.Kerala recorded 4,581 new cases. Delhi which saw a surge in new cases over the last few days reported only 3,235 new cases yesterday, followed closely by West Bengal which reported 3,053 new cases.78.85% of the 435 new deaths are concentrated in ten States/UTs.

About a fifth, 21.84% of new fatalities reported are from Delhi which reported 95 deaths, overtaking Maharashtra. Maharashtra reported 60 fatalities, which is 13.79% of the new fatalities.14 States/UTs have death per million higher than National Average of 94.13 States/UTs have a Case Fatality Rate higher than National Average.

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