Embarking on the path of ‘Confidence Building Measures’, two Border Guarding Forces of India and Bangladesh have been forging ahead in their ever growing friendly relationship by participating in Inspectors General BSF – Region Commanders BGB level Border Co-ordination Conference at regular intervals as per the traditions.

The present conference deliberations were held today i.e. on 26 Nov 2020 at Frontier HQ BSF Tripura, Agartala.
At the outset of the proceedings, the head of Indian delegation Sh. Susanta Kumar Nath, IPS, Inspector General, BSF Tripura Frontier formally welcomed the Khondoker Farid Hassan, BGBM, PBGM (BAR), ndc, Additional Director General, Region Commander, South-East Region, Chattogram and Bangladesh member delegates.

Both delegation leaders after discussing various issues at length came to the conclusion that the border issues of bilateral interests be resolved amicably to achieve the common goal of establishing peace and tranquillity along the International Border.

Over the past few years, BSF & BGB have jointly cemented their friendly relationship and acquired new dimension in mutual trust and cooperation by resolving the border issues through meaningful dialogues.

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