Aspiring Artist Pranab Kr Nath from Northeastern, India

Pranab Kr Nath is a distinguished actor as well as a very educated artist from Northeastern India, Tripura. He has a pretty inspiring journey which is still ongoing. He is not only an engineer but also an eminent Short Film Actor. Just recently he has begun this career and is already rising with flying stars.

This Picture Pranab Kr Nath took at inside

This deadly pandemic has managed to wipe out the will of poor people. However, Pranab Kr Nath has continued to stand by the poor and the helpless throughput these difficult times. He is one of the pillars of the society, and continues to be a very talented actor as well.
A dedicated artist is always successful. Pranab Kr Nath is one such man who has become quite famous in the field of Short Film Making. The mesmerizing videos and the messages that the videos portray are one of a kind. Talent, in combination to hard work is the key to a successful life.

We say- human is a social animal. Pranab Kr Nath is the perfect example of a man who works for the society, cares about the well being of the people and sympathizes with the needy. This work requires a lot of qualities like determination, courage, risk taking and the most important thing- to be rightly opinionated. A man needs to take the right decision at the right time. Pranab Kr Nath is one such person who has the best presence of mind to react rightfully to a situation as well as a crisis. He has always been a helping hand, carrying out the work of God and donating to NGOs.

What other qualities does a man need to posses? Pranab Kr Nath is kind, generous, loving and most importantly- a very talented artist. Art is long and time is fleeting- as said by the very famous H.W. Longfellow. Pranab Kr Nath is working on such pieces of art which will remain alive forever, stirring hearts and innovating minds of people from all age groups.

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