Sector IG of BSF praises the role of State govt in preventing border crimes

Since its inception in 1965, Border Security Force has dedicated itself in the services to the Nation. The primary duties and responsibilities of Border Security Force is to guard the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh International borders. Besides, BSF has also been tasked from time to time in various other responsibilities in the field of National Security which includes Counter Insurgencies, Counter Terrorism, Anti-Naxal Operations, United Nations Missions and various other kinds of miscellaneous duties.

BSF has come out with flying colours and successfully carried out all the assigned duties with full dedication and commitments, earning a very good reputation for itself. BSF has always shown exemplary standards of bravery and professionalism, living to the standard of the motto of the Force i.e. “जीवन पर्यन्त कर्त्तव्य”.

In the State of Tripura, the valiant bordermen of BSF Tripura Frontier have been performing their duties with utmost sincerity and dedication in very challenging climatic conditions in remote and inhospitable topography and in highly malaria epidemic zones in order to effectively defend the sanctity of International border.

The BSF Tripura Frontier and the Govt of Tripura have always maintained a very good coordination in discharging their responsibilities in defending the borders and maintaining harmony amongst the border population on either sides.
Now, I would like to brief on the general and special achievements as well as the challenges faced by BSF Tripura Frontier during the calendar year i.e. 2020 wef 01st Jan to 31st Dec 2020. You are all aware regarding the COVID Pandemic situation faced by the whole world during the year 2020.

The BSF Tripura Frontier also faced a very challenging situation during the peak period of the Covid pandemic. However, due to several pro-active and timely measures taken at different command levels and due to collective efforts in coordination with State Govt, we have all overcome these difficult times. It is pertinent to mention here that BSF Tripura Frontier so far has reported 1531 Covid positive cases amongst its members. However, I am pleased to inform that not a single case of COVID death has been reported in the BSF Frontier, while undergoing treatment at our COVID Care Centres. Only two cases of BSF personnel while they were on leave away from Tripura State and 01 case of referral COVID patient to one Govt COVID Hospital at Agartala, reportedly died suffering from Covid-19. In all, 24 Quarantine Centres with 2669 beds were established by BSF in various locations in the State, out of which the main Covid Care Centre was established at Composite Hospital BSF, Agartala which has so far successfully treated 811 patients.

As far as prevention and control of trans-border crime is concerned, the highest priorities are being given by BSF Tripura Frontier to preventing and containing the smuggling of narcotics, drugs and various other contraband articles. We are aware that Govt of Tripura has also declared its intent to make the State completely drug free. BSF Tripura has been maintaining close coordination with various State agencies as well as other agencies of Govt of India to ensure that Tripura become free from this drug menace. I would now like to indicate the achievements of BSF Tripura Frontier in terms of seizures during this period of calendar year 2020, which are as follows :-
Narcotics worth Rs. 27,72,65,068/-, which includes Yaba tablets – 4,80,930 Nos, Phensedyl / Eskuff Syrup – 64,780 Nos, Ganja – 5,216.25 Kgs, Liquor – 3,224 Bottles.
Cattle – 2,209 Nos worth Rs. 1,93,47,900/-.
Gold Bars / Biscuit – 2.237 Kgs worth Rs. 95,93,200/-
Miscellaneous contraband items worth Rs. 11,33,17,497/-
GRAND TOTAL – RS. 41,95,23,665/-
Destruction of 43,37,150 Nos of Mature / Immature Ganja Saplings worth Rs. 9,41,45,200/-. This includes joint efforts with State Police, State Forest Dept as well as independent actions by BSF.

Due to the high degree of alertness and vigilance by BSF troops on border during this period, 131 persons attempting illegal crossing of the International border have been apprehended by BSF, which includes 85 Indian Nationals and 46 Bangladeshi Nationals. Some of these persons were involved in smuggling activities and they were caught along with smuggled contraband goods. Besides, some other people were detained while inadvertently crossing the border and few others were caught while trying to illegally attempting to infiltrate / exfiltrate.

The various field formations of BSF have regularly carried out Civic Action Programmes in their respective areas for better coordination and building a good rapo with the local population living on the border areas. During this period, an amount of Rs. 41,25,513/- has been spent in conducting various Civic Action Programmes, which includes conducting pre-recruitment training for employability in Armed Forces, driving training of local youths, distribution of water storage and water filtration machines, distribution of sports materials / items to local youth, distribution of stationery and other common use goods to locals as well as to some of the primary schools and primary health centres located in the remote areas.

During this period when Covid pandemic was in its peak, the Field Formations under Tripura Frontier carried out local level awareness campaign in the remote areas and also distributed various articles like facemasks, gloves, sanitizers, PPE kits and ration items worth Rs. 6,47,568/-.

In order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary year of Bangladesh Liberation War Victory, the BSF Tripura Frontier is organizing yearlong programmes starting with the celebration of War Victory day on 16 Dec 2020 at the Liberation War Memorial in Bharat-Bangladesh Maitri Uddyan Park, Chottakhola, Belonia, Distt-South Tripura. In the above programme, rich tributes were paid to the Martyrs of Bangladesh Liberation War-1971, War veterans were facilitated and various other programmes were conducted. This programme was attended by the representative of Assistant High Commissioner of Bangladesh at Agartala, District level officials including District Magistrates and various senior officials of BSF headed by Inspector General, BSF Tripura Frontier.

Various other programmes have also been chalked out for the whole of this year for celebration of the above anniversary year. One such programme will be the Cycle Rally along the entire Indo-Bangladesh border line covering all the six Frontiers of Eastern Command HQ BSF Kolkata, which is starting w.e.f 10th of Jan 2021 from West Bengal side and will be culminating on 17th March 2021 on Mizoram side of the border, covering the total distance of 3266 Kms out of which 817 Kms will be covered in the State of Tripura.

BSF Tripura Frontier is also maintaining good relations with its counterpart Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) at every level of hierarchy. In the month of Nov 2020, Inspector General BSF-Region Commanders BGB level Border Co-ordination Conference was held at Frontier HQ BSF Tripura, during which both Border Guarding Forces resolved to strengthen their ties by addressing various border issues of bilateral interests like trans-border crimes including smuggling of narcotics and other contraband items and also committing to resolving issues to carry forward the pending developmental works etc, in order to achieve the common goal of establishing peace and tranquillity along the International Border.

BSF is also maintaining a very good cordial relationship with various agencies of Govt of Tripura. Due to such close cordial relationship with State police and other agencies, very encouraging results have been noticed in prevention and control of border crimes, prevention of narcotics and drugs smuggling and anti-insurgency activities. Besides, BSF Tripura Frontier is also maintaining cordial relationship with all other sister agencies of Govt of India working in the State of Tripura in order to achieve the common National interest.

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