Three Fake journalists held for blackmailing, extortion of Doctors in the city; Agartala Press Club Secretary handover the fake Journalist to Police

Two fake journalist have been handed over to Police by the help of Agartala Press Club on Tuesday.

A youth named Kanai lal Acharjee and gang were running fake news and blackmailing people for money in a YouTube channel named Udyog Tv.

In the past few days their targets were renowned Doctors of Agartala Sanjoy Nath, Pathologist, Sangita Chakraborty, District Health Officer of West Tripura and Amitabha Roy, Gastroenterologist.

The fake journalists threatened the doctors for money failing which they will broadcast fake news against them.

They demanded Rs one lakh from Dr Amitabha Roy in his clinic stating that he doesnot have valid documents for the clinic.

At last the doctors resorted to Agartala Press Club for rescue from the criminals.

Press club Secretary Pranab Sarkar called the violators on Tuesday.

Infront of other members of Press Club and depending on facts and proofs the West PS was informed.

Police arrested Kanai lal acharjee and Rahul Bhattacharya.

Few youtube channel have come under the radar of Agartala Press Club who are involved in such illegal works.

Agartala Press Club has issued a warning against such violators.

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