4 NLFT militants who fled from Bangladesh camp surrender in Tripura

Tripura Police to demoralise the increasing efforts of remaining fraction of NLFT. As a result of persistent efforts put in by Tripura Police, several extremist group leaders members have already chosen the path of peace.

So Tripura Police is contributing significantly towards making Tripura an Insurgency-free State.

NLFT extremists namely Sathi Debbarma of Bands Kumar Para PS Champahour, Kowai, Rajiv Debbarma of Daharan Para, Sepahijala, Bisharam Trang of Lalit Charan Para of North Tripura and Zawmina Trang of Hezacherra fled away from Shilchari NLFT Camp under Bagaichari PS, Bangladesh on 31st January 2021 and contacted State Special Branch and Assam Rifles field officers expressing their willingness to join the main stream of life.

Two of them were brought to SB HQ, Agartala and two in North District for interrogation.


During preliminary Iterrogation, it has been revealed that they joined NLFT Organisation in 2018 and 2019 in Bangladesh NLFT Camp. During field experiences of these extremist cadres, they realised their so called fight for independence of Tripura is totally farce and has no future prospect towards overall development of Tribal People of the State.

On the other hand NLFT group is facing serious financial crisis.

They also got fed up with the group due to Jhum cultivation and other hard fatigue at the behest of their luxurious leaders.

Feeling frustrated with the present predicament of NLFT Organization and continuous pressure of Tripura Police, they joined the mainstream of society.

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