Dirty mask politics of a DYFI supporter

The second wave of Covid-19 has hit India hard.

Daily Number of cases has crossed 2 lakhs. This the right moment to spread public awareness.

Use of masks and maintaining social distance is of utmost importance to break the chain of Covid-19.

Accordingly the State Govt has declared Saturday to be observed as mask enforcement day.

To boost the awareness any violation to the norms will be fined heavily.

But some leftist supporters have dragged politics to complicate the situation.

They questioned the authority why common people have to wear masks while leaders didn’t during ADC election campaigning.

One such incident occurred when a DYFI supporter named Jayanta Biswas scolded the CM infront of West PS and almost threatened the DM.

He was not wearing any mask and refused to do so

What was more striking was that the officers of West PS didnot take any action against him.

Such actions from the law enforcers has encouraged the defaulters.

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