Night curfew will be imposed between 10 PM to 5 AM in AMC area from 22nd April

In view of serious Covid Situation Night curfew will be imposed between 10 PM to 5 AM in Agartala Municipal Corporation area from 22nd April 2021.

Restrictions on gatherings:

Medical and other emergency needs and persons to maintan essential services
like health, police, security, power supply, drinking water supply etc may be exempted.

In closed spaces, a maximum of 50% of the seating/hall capacity should
allowed for any social, cultural, entertainment or political gathering with a ceiling of 100 persons. In open spaces, higher numbers may be allowed
based on the size of the ground
/ space with a ceiling of 200 persons.

Wearing of face masks, maintaining social distancing and provision of
hand wash or sanitizer will be mandatory.The organiserswill deploy
sufficient no. of volunteers/ staffs to regulate the crowd and enforcement
of norms of social distancing and wearing of mask. Prior permission for all
such gathering may be obtained from district/police administration.

Maximum 100 persons may be allowed in marriage/ birthday & other
social functions both in public or private place.

Maximum 20 persons should be allowed in funeral last rites related

Movie halls/ Multiplexes will function at 50% capacity.

Persons above the age of 65 are advised to remain indoors unless required
to go for essential services. Others may be advised to curtail unnecessary
movement and avoid crowded places.

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