NSUI Vice President Samrat Roy Demand Cancellation of Board Examinations

NSUI Vice President Samrat Roy has demanded postpone of Tripura Board’s secondary (10) and higher secondary (12) final examinations amid Covid crisis in Tripura.

Samrat Roy has also demanded that all final examinations of the board to be stopped.

In his letter to the Central Education Minister, Roy said Students are under attacked by covid 19 Pandemic. If one student is effected by this epidemic, then the whole class have to suffer. Then medical treatment are expensive some families can afford and some cannot. On the other side, students are arising some questions to the state government, if they go to the halls to give the exam. then if someone get effected by covid, will the state govt. take responsebelity of the student’s life? If the government agree with that, then all students are too agree to give the exams. Otherwise, they will organize a huge movement against the state government which can create problem to the common life. Students are demanding for online exam moreover they are opposing the offline.

He demanded that the students should be allowed to pass the examination on the basis of internal marks.

He also said in his letter to the Central Minister “requesting you to cancelled/postpone all the board exams and final exams of colleges. I also urge you for the online exam instead of offline exam as the situation is very critical due to the second wave of the covid 19. Otherwise we will be forced to take this issue before the high court”.

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