Night curfew extended till 31st May in AMC area

Night curfew extended till 31st May in AMC area.

The State Government, in exercise of the powers conferred Under Section 2 of the Epidemic Disease Act 1987, framed “The Epidemic Disease COVID 19 regulations, 2020” to contain the spread of pandemic COVID-19 in the population. According to these regulations, following major restrictions have been imposed by the State Government:

  1. Compulsory wearing mask including homemade washable cloth mask / face cover by any cloth in public work place or while travelling / driving.
  2. Social distancing to be ensured in public and private transport.
  3. Restricting shops to operate only after ensuring appropriate social distancing measures and avoiding over-crowding through volunteers to regulate shoppers. The shops having frontage less than one meter shall allow only one person at a time, having frontage 1 (one) or more but less than 2(two) meters, two persons shall be allowed at a time and so on. Rest may stand behind with a distance of one meter in queue. The shopkeeper and shoppers shall compulsorily wear mask / face covers. Compulsory daily sanitization of area.

Penalty for the violations of the regulations is as follows:

Fine of Rs.200/- in the first violation and Rs. 400/- for subsequent violation in regard to not wearing of mask / face cover.

  1. Fine of Rs.1000/- for not ensuring social distancing in public and private transport, for not ensuring social distancing among the consumers in front of the shops by shopkeepers and for violating home quarantine norms.

Moreover, any person institution organisation violating the regulations shall be deemed to have committed offence punishable under Section 188 of IPC (45 of 1860).

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