Due to huge amount of unpaid taxes Sristi/Hathway closed by Tax Dept

The official of taxes organization visited the premises with prior information and with valid INS-01,that M/S Sristi defaulter tax payer under TVAT Act and Rules and under GST act and Rules and as per information it was also came to the knowledge of tax officials that M/Sristi continued his business as a service provider in connivance with M/S HATHAWAY another defaulter tax payer under ChargeVII,whereas the registration of both the taxpayer was suspended since 22/3/2021(SRISTI),5/5/2021(HATHWAY)which is the gross violation of GST Act and Rule.

As per section 67(2)(11) of sgst and cgst act and Rule 139 of SGSt)cgst Rule ,it was revealed by the tax officials/proper officer revealed that both the taxpayer evading or is attempting to evade the payment of any tax,the proper officer has delegated the power to seized the accounts,register or documents, electronic records and unauthorised goods in undeclared place of business, accordingly inspection and seizure was made on 13 th and 15 th May 2021.

In this regard the action only taken against the defaulter tax payer and consequence upon the seizure of goods/machineries the invention of transmission of local cable channels was totally unintentional from the part of taxes organization,all the inconvenience are because of defaulter tax payer and their I’ll motive of tax evasion.

The officers of tax officials also have verbal complains that those defaulter are collecting a consideration against the STB but no receipt of that transaction was given to any subscriber ,to protect the govt revenue and to save the subscribers from unwanted payment against the STB the enforcement wings take action against the defaulter taxpayer only and no way to stop the transmission of local cable service.

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