Reviving education policy of Tripura

Reviving education policy of Tripura” by Dipankar Chakraborty

With the Emergence of BJP in northeast, the region saw a drastic change in infrastructure as well as policies.
2018 saw a swiping victory of the BJP and hence the era of development gained a strong momentum. among the different department, Education dept under Education Minister Ratan lal Nath saw mammothevolution .

In a recent interview Education minister mentioned that it took 26 reforms in school level policies and 10 reforms on higher educations. the notable reforms can be sum up as:

Dipankar Chakraborty

VANDE TRIPURA CHANNEL: A dedicated 24*7 educational television channel has been launched by CM Biplab kr. Deb and Education Minister Ratanlal Nath. it will broadcast educational classes for schools and higher education as well. the deprive students during corona period will gain from this initiative.
90% of the state will cover under this. it will help the students during online classes as well.

1.SPECIFIED CATEGORY SCHOOL: 20 eminent school has been converted to special category school where students from all over state can take admission via lottery at preliminary level and via screening test from intermediate level of class 6 to 8. these school will be on similar to level national level schools like Navodaya and kendriya vidyalaya. the school will have proper infrastructure like laboratories, libraries, play ground, well trained teachers.
2. NUTON DISHA: after a national level survey, it was found that many students were facing issues on elementary mathematics, science and reading and writing. to address the issue , Government launched nuton disha scheme , to bring those students as per level of other students.
3.Tripura government converted 20 schools in to CBSE to match the education level with national standard.
4.Uniform question paper system in elementary and secondary stage has been launched. During 2019-2020 28 Bengali medium has been converted in to English medium and during 2020-2021 34 more has been added to the list.
6.Ektu khelo Ektu poro, an initiative with interactive videos and lectures has been launched to increase the interest of students during lockdown.
7.During lockdown , all the books of first to twelvth standard has been digitalized and uploaded on SCERT website.
8.During lockdown initiative like Bochor bachao, neighborhood class was launched to save the academic year of the students.
9.Super 30: the state government arranged a new scheme to provide coaching to top 30 students of Madhyamik for preparation of medical and engineering entrance exams .

10.Lakshya: government launched lakshya scheme to financially assist student to prepare for civil service exams.
11.Mukhyamantri B.Ed Anuprerana yojna: under this scheme government provide loan to the student for B.Ed course in and outside the state.12.The introduction of IIIT, Law university added new feather on Tripura’s Cap.

The government is not letting any stone unturned to create a healthy educational environment , though a long way to go but with such initiative, there is no doubt that education department is one of the most efficient department which not only improving the education level from the grassroot level but also giving the netizen the exposure to a quality education system and shaping their future, where we can expect a generation with more professionals in different industries.

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