Warning: Blackmailing, scams and cyber crime

Warning: Blackmailing, scams and cyber crime. by Dipankar Chakraborty

Dipankar Chakraborty

When the whole world is fighting with the deadly corona virus originating from wuhan, China; the silent threat of cyber crime is clouding the country. India saw a sharp rise of cyber crime since march 2020.  the cases went from 1.3 million in February 2020 to 3.3 million in March 2020. From April 2020 onward, monthly attacks never dipped below 300 million, and they reached a new high of 409 million attacks worldwide in November 2020. In July 2020, India recorded its highest number of attacks at 4.5 million.

In February 2021—nearly one year from the start of the pandemic—there were 377.5 million brute-force attacks—a far cry from the 93.1 million witnessed at the beginning of 2020. India alone witnessed 9.04 million attacks in February 2021. The total number of attacks recorded in India during Jan & Feb 2021 was around 15 million.

A recent such crime is  blooming in the Country where the hackers first send friend request on social media from fake accounts and tries to be friendly. Then lure them to do video call.

After that they record the video clip and morphed it with illicit  content and starts to blackmail them for money. People in fear of social defamation, transfers the money. Moreover, in fear of spreading news on social and family circle, people avoids reporting the crime.

Some other cyber scam came up in different part of the country where scammers are looting money from the citizen online by bogus sale of oxygen cylinders and medicines.
The scams  of e wallet, upi became more prominent where scammers present themselves as customer care agent and informs the customer about expiry of KYC. And on that context, they ask for otp to withdraw money from their account. These type of scam also happened via online selling websites as well. Last year, fraudsters used fake pm care link to duped people. 

During such crisis of pandemic when people are losing job, life, property , such incidents can make their condition worse.

Government is tracking them down after getting reports from Cyber crime online complaint website but efficient steps of police and authorities need co operation of the public and media as well.

If we stand with our authorities boldly without fearing , these rats can be track down easily. Stay safe and Stay alert

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