Constructive initiative should be appreciated despite fundamental difference

Since early march 2020, India saw some drastic changes in governance as well as policies.

The health structure of the whole world collapsed. Though on later half of the year and on early 2021, India became example of world cooperation and became world’s pharmacy, from the production of PPE kit to Vaccine, India proved itself as pioneer.

Amidst second wave, now the country is suffering but still trying to overcome the situation. All state are trying their best to handle the pandemic and their cooperation along with  support of Centre is now bringing down the Corona curve.

Dipankar Chakraborty

Of course most of the credit goes to the health sector and medical staffs of the country.

Tripura, though  one of the smallest state of the country, is doing some good work to handle the situation. The state government has done some prominent work in last few days.

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb announced Rs 579 crore package for needy families. Tripura government will provide onetime  allowance of Rs 1000 to 7 lakh families.

Two month social pension will be given in advance to 4 lakh beneficiaries. Largest Oxygen generation plant of Northeast is about to set up in IGM hospital and also CM inaugurated one oxygen plant Kharengbar community health center.

Proposal has made to extend oxygen plant on every district. Central government sanctioned 18 such plants.
State government has announced to generate job via investment of Rs 332 crore through MGNREGA.

Government has sanctioned Rs 80 crore for distribution of ration items among needy families. The ration items include Rice, Dal, soybean, onion, potatoes, edible oil, powder milk, eggs, salt etc.

Mukhyamantri Balyo seva scheme: The orphan children, whose parents died due to Corona , will get Rs 3500 per month until they turn 18 years, Government will ensure free education to them.

Government will provide them laptops and tablets after their admission on class 11-12. In case of girl child, she will get Rs 50,000 at the time of her marriage.

State government has launched Vande Tripura TV channel to continue school and college classes via video mode.
Earlier government kept Rs 134 crore from the budget for vaccination drive.

Amidst such circumstances, Tripura is exporting Pineapples, jackfruits, bamboo tea etc.

Government is recruiting 164 new doctors via TPSC.

The situation of pandemic is a real challenge of the world where everyone is trying their best to win the battle. In this war we, citizen should help our government by following the law and by avoiding negativities around us. As media we should look towards the bright side of governance and their results, rather focusing mispronunciation or wrong date which leaders said unintentionally.

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