Initiatives taken to make each family of the State self reliant: Sushant Chowdhury

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken initiative to build a self-reliant India. Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has also taken steps to build a self-reliant Tripura to implement the PM’s initiative. Information and Culture Minister Sushant Chowdhury said this while inaugurating a mega Credit Delivery Camp ceremony organized at Ranitarbazar Gitanjali Town Hall on Thrusday.

He said that the initiative taken to make the families self-reliant through production of small scale industries, businesses, agriculture and agro-related products needs to be properly implemented.

Today, 42 women self-help groups and various small traders of Ranirbazar were given loan approval letters through various banks.

He said the development program in the state could not be implemented in the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government of the country has taken various programs for the welfare of the people during the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the occasion, the Information and Culture Minister said the state government is continuing its efforts to make people self-reliant through animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture and fisheries. The government has placed special emphasis on the formation of women’s self-help groups in women’s empowerment.

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