Amendment in Tripura Forest Transit Rules

Government of Tripura has brought amendment in the Tripura Forest Transit Rules. 1952 in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 41.42 and 76 of the Indian Forest Act, 1927.

The amendments made are as follows

  1. Short title and commencement:

i) These rules from now onwards shall be known as Tripura Forest Transit (6thAmendment) Rules, 2011,

ii) These rules shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Tripura Cazette.

  1. Rules 12A shall be substituted as 12A Transport of Bamboo and Bamboo products:

i) Bamboo grown on non forest lands shall remain exempted from royalty and Bamboo Pass H) Bamboo grown on forest lands shall not pay royalty but will require to pay 5% of purchase price as a contribution to the liscal IFMC revolving fund. In addition to that, the statutory access and benefit sharing fee shall be collected 3% of purchase price from traders and 5% of purchase price of bamboos from manufacturers as per notification dated 21 November, 2014 for “Guidelines on Access to Biological Resources and Associated Knowledge and Benefit Sharing Regulations, 2014” of National Biodiversity Authorsty, MoEF & CC made under the Biological Diversty Act, 2002. The local Forester Forest Guard may issue the bamboo pass in Form F2 (green colour) added to these Rules, on receiving payment of charges due to the JFMC, Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) and Tripura Biodiversity Board (Tn) No pass shall be required for exporting green bamboo outside the state.

However, if any kind of pass is required for exporting bamboo outside

the state, it shall be issued by the Sub-Divisional Forest Officer/Wild

life Warden, in Form F3 (blue colour) added to these Rules, on an

application made to the Sub-Divisional Forest Officer/Wild life

Wardenand such pass shall be considered as the national permit.

iv) No General Puss (GPP Transit Pass (TP)/ export duty shall be enforced

for felling and transportation of bamboo within

v) There shall be no restriction on movement products or value-added hamboo products

3. Form F1 shall be omitted from the principal rules. This information has been divulged by the Forest department, Government of Tripur through a notification.

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