CM appreciates the new innovation in bamboo sector

CM appreciates the new innovation in bamboo sector

The central and state government have been trying to bring about development in the bamboo sector to secure self-reliance through bamboo, also known as Green Gold.

Holding a bamboo bat made up of bamboo glue board technology. the Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb in his official tweet lauded the innovative initiative, Bamboo bats and stumps made out of indigenous bamboo material (Kanakaich variety of bamboo) at BCDI, Agartala under the management of North East Centre for Technology Application and Research (NECTAR) were presented today to the Chief Minister in his office by Director General of NECTAR Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma in presence of BCDI Head Dr. Abhinay Kant. NECTAR Advisor M.P Bhardwaj and Secretary of Industries and Commerce Dr. P.K Goyal.

The promotion of such bamboo bats and other items made of bamboo is considered to open new opportunities in future.

BCDI Head Dr. Abhinav Kant informed that these bamboo varieties are the strongest type which is why they are perfect for making such bats and stumps.

He also said that these products are prototypes and any interested entrepreneur is welcome to make and sell these kinds of products.

The bamboo is first split and then flattened and turned into lamella. Those lamellas are then tumed into board and then into cricket bats, he said.

Other bamboo items such as bamboo bottles. laptop stands, bamboo cookies, amplifier, other utility products are also made and designed by BCDI

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