Loans at 6% interest rate to women SHG member from now onwards

State Government’s ground-breaking decision Loans at 6% interest rate to women SHG member from now onwards

To build a self-reliant Tripura and empower women of the SHGs, the state government has taken a ground-breaking decision so that the women of the SHGS could take bigger loans in large easily.

According to this decision, the SHGs from now onwards may take loans at 6% interest rate from cluster level federations instead of 9% interest rate, The SHG may give loans at 7% interest rate instead of 12% to their members.

Members of the SHGs may take loans from rural organisations at 4% interest rate and members may take loans from SHGS at 5% interest rate. Tripura is the first state in the country to give loans to the SHGS at such low rates. The state government welcomed the women.

Members of the SHGs to improve their socio economy and quality of living of their families through income-based works TRLM Additional CFO SC Sinha informed that through this ground-breaking decision, as loans in casy instalments will be available women SHGs rural organisations and cluster level federation could financially strengthen their economy base by taking advantages of such opportunity facilitated by the state government hence uplifting their socio-economic condition.

Under TRIM, 29 thousand 430 women SHG members took loans for different kinds of income-based works. They take these loans from their group funds, nural organisations, cluster level federation and banks.

To get loans att casy instalments is a significant side for the SHG members. About 311 crore rupees has been granted for rural organisations of SHGs and cluster level federations. So far twice or more than twice there has been exchange of loans between the SHG and their members.

Apart from this, the women SHGs were given loans of about 295 crore rupees under TRIM.

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