CPIM filed 20 FIRs for attacking their candidates

On Tuesday, CPIM State Committee secretary Jiten Choudhury in a press meet pointed his fingers at the ruling party BJP for attacking their candidates, attacking their homes and family members every night.

He also alleged the ruling party for continuously creating pressure over their candidates for withdrawing nominations from this Municipal Poll of 2021.

Even their candidates are also getting death threats and kidnap calls every single day and their life are now at a stake. Highlighting such horrendous undemocratic incidents and pre poll violence they have filed 20 FIRs against the ruling party BJP.

“Election means all political parties will get equal rights to contest elections. And Election commission of India or State Election Commission is responsible to hold a conducive atmosphere for election. We are observing that after the formation of BJP-IPFT government, they started thinking that the SEC is their own department. Police is totally under control of BJP IPFT and in this circumstance these elections are holding”, Choudhury said.

He alleged that from the announcement of dates of poll, the political terror has been started by the BJP bike force.

He also added that they have received good response from West DM. “He even directed SP West Manik Das in written but he didn’t follow his order”, he said.

The rulling BJP has denied the allegations.

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