Agartala Club Forum requested to maintain peace and harmony in the state

Agartala Club Forum requested to maintain peace and harmony in the state

On Saturday evening, Pranab Sarkar, Sevak Bhattacharya with other dignified persons of Agartala Club Forum addressed a press conference at Agartala Press Club.

The main concern was to comment on the ongoing issues political violence, individual attacks harassment issues, racial tension.

Sevak Bhattacharya himself took a big hand on the incidents which are somehow dampering the civic unity and fabric of this state.

He strongly requested the general and police administration to take instant action against such troublesome perpetrators.

He also directed the common civilians of this state to be alert and aware of such alien beings who entering in the state to plot their designed creep social and political vendetta just to deter and corrupt the conscience of brothers and sisters of this state which will ultimately help the third parties to topple the present governance and order.

This press statement is gaining overall support from the masses which will be fruitful and effective to stop such cases further in the state is what think tanks and intellectuals of this state is believing right now.

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