Headlines Tripura’s Prediction gone 100% accurate

Headlines Tripura’s Prediction gone 100% accurate…

Headlines Tripura created another history in Tripura this Civic election also after making a survey and their prediction was accurate to point.

Their survey proved to a major succes as their prediction was accurate to the point.

Since, the beginning of this month thousands of media houses, of this state and from other states, profit and non-profit organisations have predicted and figured out the probable outcomes i.e., the exit polls of Tripura Civic Election 2021.

The very old reputed electronic media of this state Headlines Tripura has once again created a history.

Headlines Tripura’s predicted exit poll figure gone absolutely true and that’s a very big thing which the people of this state is saying.

Earlier, during the 2018 assembly elections, similar exit poll survey was conducted which also proved to be a bitter truth for the then on power left front.

The Editor of this media house Mr. Pranab Sarkar is extremely proud and has congratulated the survey team for doing such amazing work. “It has definitely earned attention plus reputation to my media house from both in and out of the state. And it is not less than any big achievement, I must say. In 2018 also we won our bet in making accurate poll prediction and the same has repeated this year too. We are glad, we are proud…no words left to describe this enormous victory,” excitingly expressed Mr. Sarkar to the press media just after the news came out.

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