500 female constables to be recruited : Biplab Kumar Deb

On Thursday, The Chief Minister of Tripura, Biplab Deb announced an epoch making decision at an official blood donation event in Jirania.

While addressing the event he surprisingly announced that soon 500 women police constable would be recruited in Tripura Police.

Mr. Deb said, “Our government is indebted towards women empowerment. No society or state can progress if the women do not get enough opportunities to come forward. And, to do so efforts need to be taken on ground rather than making tall statements.

Tripura government has decided to process fresh recruitment of five hundred women constables. Already, a recruitment process is under progress in which candidates of both male and female genders are allowed to participate.

I will speak to the DGP and Chief Secretary to start a fresh recruitment process exclusively for female aspirants”

Speaking next to him on the same stage, the Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Sushanta Chowdhury urged people to come forward for the noble cause of blood donation.

“Blood donation is a medium that brings people closer to each other creating a unique bond. We should come forward and donate blood to ensure that no critical patient faces shortage of blood in hospitals”, urged Minister Sushanta Chowdhury.

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