Govt decides to hike DA for workers : Bhagaban Das

On Friday Minister of labour, Bhagwan Das announced that the state government is soon going to hike the allowances of state labourers.

He said the increase in “mahargha bhata” or allowance would benefit thousands of workers and their families in 20 different professions.

He said that in accordance with Section 5 of the Minimum Wages Act, the Tripura government has increased the value of workers in each of the listed professions every five years.

The state government decided to increase the Dearness Allowance for the workers in various fields with effect from October 01, this year, said Labour minister Bhagaban Das. “The decision will benefit 1.50 lakh labourers engaged in 20 trades enlisted under the Minimum Wages Act and their families,” he said at a press conference on Friday.

The minister further said that the mahargha allowance of the workers is usually increased on the basis of a six-month average closed account of the Consumer Price Index sent from Shimla in the labor bill.

At a press conference, the Minister of Labor said that the 20 jobs associated with employment will benefit the road construction or maintenance or building operation mechanical workshops, Petrol Pump, Rubber Garden Rice Miss Stone Breaking & Stone Crushing Shop & Established Private Teaching Institute / Coaching School, Auto Rickshaw, Sweepers, Demps & Po (Co-operative), Public Motor Transport Agriculture, Householder, Private Giver, Workers associated with unloading employment, goldsmiths, workers involved in making incense sticks and workers associated with hotels and restaurants. (Co-operative), public motor transport agriculture, domestic workers, private security guards, workers associated with loading and unloading employment, goldsmiths, workers involved in making incense sticks and workers associated with hotels and restaurants.

He said that the increase in this allowance would improve the finances of the workers in both organized and unorganized areas.

“Tripura has achieved the first position in North Eastern states for rapid enrollment of the workers of unorganized sectors. We have a total work force strength of 11 lakh 67 thousand and more than five lakh people have already been enrolled. I appeal to all the people to come forward and take advantage of the scheme”.

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