Two BPL heart patients get pacemaker replaced for free at GBP hospital

Successful heart surgery at GBPH

The Prime referral hospital of the state, GBPH always make the news headlines for its paralysed and dismantled health system. But sometimes it creates history which adds fame as well as name to its medical acknowledgement.

Today, is one of the most remarkable day in its medical journey years. Two successful heart surgeries has been done free of cost by the extremely decorated doctors of that hospital which saved the life of two poor patients.

According to sources, both of the patient hails from the poor BPL families. 75 yrs old Tarani Biswas from Teliamura and 70 years old Nepal Debnath from Udaipur have been suffering from heart disease from a long time. With heart clot symptoms both of them got admitted yesterday in the hospital.

Hunching the emergency, temporary pacemakers have been fitted in the hearts on 17th and 19th by the CTVS Unit consultant Dr. Kanak Narayan Bhattacharya. As both of them belong from BPL category and don’t have any strong financial backup, they were treated and got completed with the surgery under the “Ayushmaan Bharat Beneficiary Scheme”. Due to critical condition of both of them it was quite risky to finish the surgery. But history has been made yesterday, when Dr. Kanak Choudhury along with his OT unit members got succeeded in transplanting pacemakers in both of their hearts. Both of them are now in ICU and under observation.

Their Health Condition is also stable as of now. The family members are also happy about the treatment and works got done by the doctors.

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