Standing Committee meeting with the newly elected members of Ranirbazar Municipal Council

On Thursday, the ICA and DWS Minister, Sushanta Chowdhury attended an important meeting of newly constituted Ranirbazar Municipal Council.

He presided over that meeting as the chief guest and conducted the talks regarding plans and prospects of the council.

Also SDM of Ranirbazar and CEO of the council Jibab Krishna Acharya, DCEO Shantanu Datta, Chairperson Aparna Shukladas, VC Prabir Kumar Das, Social Worker Gouranga Bhoewmik and the ward councillors were present at the said meeting as well.

At the beginning of the meeting, the incharge officer of council discussed about the “PM Housing Fund” where there is a target set of 400+ housing scheme receivers for this present term.

Later, Minister Sushanta inquired about the water supply and connectivity in the council area in which he found many loopholes and issued direct orders to the officers to fix the water supply problem early as possible. He also talked about “Atal Jal Dhara Mission” which would be soon implemented across the state.

The issue of power supply and lamp post shortage is also aroused in the meeting where the minister took it seriously and advised the council to soon finish the job of lamp posting in the council area for the sake of common people’s safety.

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