Advance Radio Therapy Treatment to 150 Patients at Agartala Cancer Hospital

Agartala Cancer Hospital which is also popularly known as “Atal Bihari Regional Cancer Hospital” has made many benchmark records in providing world class modern oncotherapies to every common man of this state.

On Sunday, it has set another milestone in its medical service years. According to the latest reports total 150 cancer patients have got Advanced Radio Therapy Treatments using the Linear Accelerating Machine till December 18.

Under the supervision of Prof. PK Maiti total 102 got the IMRT treatment and 48 got the 3D CRT treatment.

The MS Dr. Goutam Majumder congratulated the entire board of senior doctors of this hospital for making such an impeccable record.

However, 10 radiation oncologist, 5 medical physicist, 8 radio therapy technologist currently working in the Radio Therapy Unit of this hospital.

Despite of IMRT and CRT 3D treatment, they are also providing Brachy Therapy as well as Cobalt Therapy to the cancer patients every day.

Daily 100+ patients are getting Radio Therapy Treatment from here. Now, no one has to leave state for cancer treatment said one of the official of this hospital.

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