Seeds cum Rice godown inaugurated by Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare Minister

The Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Tourism and Transport Pranajit Singha Roy today inaugurated the first ever 1000 metric tonne Seeds cum Rice godownbuilt spending 1crore 25 lakh rupees at Betaga under Santibazarsub-division, Minister Pranajit Singha Roy in the inaugural said, the state government is planning te establish more such godownsto help famers save their agriculture produce fram damage After India’s independence, only Prime Minister Narendra Modi took uninitiative and cared for farmers’ welfare where a farmer would not need to go to local merchants for giving their land on alease or borrow money.

And for this purpose, Kishan. Credit Card scheme is being implemented for farmers throughout the country. More than 2 lakh farmer families of this state have been receivingsix thousand rapces every year through Direct Benefit Transfer to the beneficiary account without the involvement of any middle person. Ours is a small state hut the state government has already spent about 361 crore rupees for the welfare of the farmers, said the minister.

The Minister also said, if a farmer cannot sell their agricultural produce in the market with good prices then they would not be able to stand on their own feet which is why the state government and our prime minister have taken up many farmer welfare plans in the last 2 years and many of their produce are now being sent to foreign countries.

He said, the government will also make sure that the rice produced by the farmers are safe and secure in the hand of the state government.

On the contrary, during the period of the previous government, many farmers of the state could not get any kind of facilities due to political differences. The Ministerurged the farmers of Betaga area to stay conscious and alert on the false propaganda that were escalated by few groups of people. trying to derail the efforts of the government towards the development of farmer’s welfarecin the state.

Minister Pranajt Singha Roy said, we have already instructed officials of the agriculture department to reach out to the farmers and listen to their problems and redress them.MLA Pramod Reangin the programmesaid, in view of the future: agriculturaldemandss, the government is planning to provide similar facilities with more storage capacity.

Four Power Tiller, two portable water pump sets and two battery powered sprayer machines on a subsidy of 95% were distributed to the Kowaifung Farmer’s Cooperative Ltd. by the Minister of Agriculture in the programme.Chairman of Panchayat Samiti.

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