Modi has no role in the interest of the country: Manik Sarkar

It’s not even 24 hrs or more that the Prime Minister has left Tripura for Delhi after inaugurating the NTB of Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport on Tuesday.

By calling an urgent press meet, the Ex CM Manik Sarkar has lambasted the state government as well the centre mainly for faking the credit behind making the NTB of Agartala’s Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport.

He has targeted none other than PM Modi in his press statement for glorifying his hand over the toil and efforts of his then CPIM government.

The former chief minister said the modernization of Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport in Agartala where a new terminal was opened by Modi had started in the Left era. “We first floated the proposal of modernizing the airport, arranged additional land for developing it”.

Criticizing the present government he said ” BJP Government has brought only one particular industry in the state and that is of poll rigging and converting ballots and public verdicts illegally.”

Ending his statement with giving credit to his ex government for making railways, roadways, internet connection and lots more and shaming the ruling party for not doing any particular major landmark work after coming to power since 2018.

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