CPIM will rise again in 2023: Manik Sarkar

There is a lot of time left for the upcoming Assembly elections, to be held in the year 2023. But preparations and craze has already started taking place in the den of politicians.

On Tuesday, attacking the ruling party BJP with his fiery speech, the opposition Leader Manik Sarkar has proved the significance of his own party CPIM in the upcoming elections while addressing at the “Farmers Labourers Union Event”.

Quoting the 2023 LA Polls he said, “Central Government as well as the state government is trying to sell every public assets to the corporates and businessmen. Because of such stands, thousands of poor and working class people are getting jobless, oppressed and subject for savagery. The time has come to revolt against this tyrannical government.”

Mocking the behaviour of the BJP Government he said “There left no works. People are jobless, hopeless and ruined completely. Corruption is going underneath the table. Need to talk more about that.”

Now, it’s time to see who conquers the throne of power in 2023’s Assembly Elections.

Only time will tell whether there will be a battle between the BJP and the Left in the 2023 Tripura Assembly elections.

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