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40 Asst Professors to be recruited, says Minister Ratan Lal Nath

Announcing the cabinet decision, the education minister Ratan Lal Nath approved the appointment of 40 more assistant Professors for degree colleges.

The cabinet also approved the appointment of 22 assistant professors of Kokbarak subjects for colleges.

These posts will be filled through TPSC, he said.

Addressing the press conference on Tuesday, Nath said 57 lecturers recently recruited for technical colleges through the TPSC would receive offer letters very soon. He expressed hope that the recruitment of 57 lecturers would help meet the shortage of teachers in the technical institutions.

Speaking with the press at Civil Secretariat Minister of Education Department Ratan Lal Nath also informed that the cabinet on Tuesday approved the appointment of 40 Assistant Professors.

He said that files have been sent to the finance department for the creation of 395 more Assistant Professor posts. 


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