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87 Electricity Forum of Regulators conference at Agartala

The Electricity Forum of Regulators is a platform dedicated to fostering collaborationin the power sector. Through engaging discussions, innovative ideas, and knowledge exchange, the forum aims to shape the future of energy regulation and contribute to the sustainable growth of the sector.

The Forum meets periodically all across the country and this time Tripura has got an opportunity to hold the 87th convention of the forum. This convention will be held from August 24-27. The meeting is expected to see the gathering of regulatory authorities, energy experts, policymakers, and stakeholders, united by a common goal: advancing excellence in the power sector.

This programme will serve as an inclusive platform for in- depth discussions, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative exploration of the pressing issues and opportunities within the power sector. This was informed in a press release by Secretary of TERC. Sujata Das Chakrabarti



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