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After Another Hike, Petrol and Diesel Prices at Record High

Fuel prices kept on breaking records with petrol being raised by 26 to 30 paise and diesel by 34 to 37 paise across the country on Wednesday on the back of crude oil soaring to 2014 highs in the international markets.

The latest round of hike sent the petrol price in Delhi to its record high of Rs 102.94 a litre and to Rs 108.96 in Mumbai. Diesel rates, too, touched a record Rs 91.42 in Delhi and Rs 99.17 in Mumbai.

Petrol prices in Delhi were increased by 30 paise per litre on Wednesday. With this, the new petrol price in the national capital has now reached a new high of Rs 102.94 per litre.

The price of diesel, increased by 35 paise, stands at Rs 91.42 per litre in New Delhi. In Mumbai, petrol prices have been increased by 29 paise. It is now being sold at Rs 108.96 per litre and diesel prices have become dearer by 37 paise and are at Rs 99.17 a litre today.


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