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After West District, Adm closes water refilling units in South district

Agartala, January 24, 2022: Last week, where the West Tripura District Administration and Health Department jointly carried out a successful action drive against all those illegal mineral water plants, the same has been recorded on camera in the South Tripura District.

A delegation led by Dr Jagadish Chandra Namar, Chief Health Officer of South District, raided unlicensed drinking water factories in different parts of the district.

For not showing and providing official documents and license to the action team, the team has locked down a water plant near Bridge Choumuni, Belonia which is said to be of a person named Bipul Nath.

Moreover, the task team has also conducted marathon drives against all those unlicensed illegal drinking water packaging plants in various places including Hrishyamukh and Sabroom.


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