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Agartala hosts stand-up comedy show “THE COMEDY CRUNCH”

“THE COMEDY CRUNCH” is an exclusive stand-up comedy show as you all know by now. Well, yes, of course, we were talking about a break and I think this is the break we all were longing for after that the distressing Covid-19 pandemic.

Indeed this brief interlude took us to another time period full of laughter. The event witnessed a lot of talents from our native state. Some must be thinking, “kisne socha thaa ki Tripura mein hi itne talents hai!!!”.

We didn’t only acknowledge our state’s influencers, but also many local talents from all over the state. It was not just an event rather it was more than that. It was a stage for the brilliant performers who got the deserved recognition, and maybe with this event we were able to show most of them and obviously, in coming years we will present you with more.

Our special guests and participants were Rahul Chakraborty, Biswajit Das Prankzone, Kumarghat Entertainment, R T J, Subhadwip Dey, Suman Murasing, Sushanta Debnath, Adhit Deb, Ruhit Dutta, Arpan Banerjee and lastly a musical end by Aben Howl. The event was presented by the Agartala Buzz, Conceptualized by Totell, Powered by Trinity Homes, Co-Powered by Let’s Dim Sum, Urban Dine, and Signature Smilez.

Our Prime associates and partners are House of Plants, The Serial Grillers, Agartala Events for You, and Sound Beats.


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