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Agartala press club recognized by Press Club of India

The Press Club of India recognized the Agartala press club .
On receipt of the appeal of Agartala press club’s secretary Pranab Sarkar, the secretary general of PCI, Vinay Kumar on a letter to the secretary of Agartala press club told that ‘PCI is glad to extend reciprocal arrangement with Agartala press club and from now the members of Agartala press club carrying a valid photo ID card will be able to use press club of India’s facilities while visiting Delhi like PCI’s own members do without paying any extra charges and same facilities to PCI members, when they visit Agartala.
The PCI secretary also said  that ‘PCI will be happy to honour this reciprocal facility which we have with all major state capital press clubs, where regular elections are held’.
Agartala press club’s sectary Pranab Sarkar conveyed his gratitude towards the authorities of PCI for recognizing Agartala press club.


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