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Agri machines distributed to tribal farmers of Tulashikhar block

In the previous financial year under Sub-Mission on Agriculture Mechanization (SMSM) scheme, 11 Power Tiller were given to tribal farmers of Tulashikhar block on subsidy of 85. thousand rupees.

Apart from this, 23 Pumpsets ou subsidy of 10 thousand rupees. 67 Sprayer Machines on subsidy of 750) nupees, 7 Power Weeder on subsidy of 63 thousand rupees, 7 Bush Cutter on subsidy of 20 thousand rupees and 5 Electric Pumpsets on subsidy of 10 1 thousand rupees were also gi so given.

122 tribal farmers of the block were benefitted through this This was informed by Tulashikhar Agricultural Sub-Division Supervisor office.


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