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Agriculture minister addressed in national seminar on CRMPTSA-2023

Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Ratanlal Nath addressed a national level discussion Seminar titled “Utilization of millet production technology for climate resilience and agricultural sustainable development-2023” at Tripura Agricultural University in Lembuchara on Saturday.

He said, “Cultivation of millet is very profitable. Millets are also highly nutritious and excellent food. There is also a demand for it in the market. Farmers of our state are generally more enthusiastic about paddy, wheat and vegetable cultivation. Farmers should be encouraged to cultivate millet considering its nutritional value.”

Speaking at the discussion, the Agriculture Minister said, “Many types of food items are made from millet. Biscuits, multi-grain flour and sweets are also made from millet.”
He added that the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare will take initiatives to popularize millet cultivation in the coming days.

This National Discussion Seminar was organized under the initiative of Tripura Agricultural University and in collaboration with NABARD and ICR, Hyderabad.

The agriculture minister said, “We have to be self-reliant in agriculture. Farmers should be made accustomed to the production of various food items required for this.” He thanked the state entrepreneurs for organizing such a national dialogue Seminar. Notably, 20 agricultural scientists from different states of the country participated in this national discussion Seminar.


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