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All you need to know about 7th pay commission

Consistent with the Vision of the New Government, the Council of the Ministers has in its very first meeting, constituted a 3 member Expert Committee vide Notification dated 26th  march 2018, under the chairmanship of Shi P.P Varma, IAS (Retd) to examine and recommend 1. Revision of pay/ Wages/ Honorarium/ Remuneration of Employees/ Workers and for 2.Revision of Pensioners, Under the State Government.

The Expert Committed submitted its Report on 5th October,2018 itself although its tenure was upto 30.11.2018. Overall all the Expert Committee recommended the best possible package for the Employees / workers/ pensioners of the State Government, after careful consideration of the position of the State Finance.

The Government  has very prompty examined the recommendation of the Committee and the Council of the Ministers has in a special meeting held on 09.10.2018, approved the implementation of the recommendations of the Committee. The salient approved the implementation of the recommendations as approved by the Council of Minister, are as follows :

a) The date of effect of the Revision of pay/wages/pensions/ shall be from 01.10.2018

b)Incase of regular employees , the New pay structure shall be in the form of Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018. This Matrix shall replace ‘Tripura State Pay Matrix 2017’, which was prepared by using multiplication factor of 2.25. This multiplication factor shall be raised to the lavel of multiplication factor of 2.57, generally, in” Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018”, Subject to the condition that wherever the revised pay works out higher then the corrosponding pay as per 7th CPC recommendation as a result of application of multiplication factor of 2.57, suitable adjustments shall be made with a view of keep parity with the 7th CPC recommendation. As a result, the multiplication factor shall be slightly lower than 2.57 at some levels of the “Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018”

c) Minimum pay at the entry level of the pay matrix shall be Rs 18.000/- per month for group c employees (which is at per with 7th  CPC recommendation) and Rs 16000/- permonth for group D employees of the State Goverment.

d) Regarding the pay of employees recruited on fixed pay basis against formal creation of Fixed pay posts by keeping in abeyance regular- scale post, there shall be no change in the formula. Their pay shall be fixed at 75% of the initial pay in the relevent/applicable level of Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018. Thus, they will get benefit in the same ratio as the regular employees.

e) Regarding daily rated workers/ Monthly Rated Workers/ Contingent Workers/ Part time workers permanent labours, Persons working in Public Places of Worship etc., the Revised rates shall be arrived by dividing the Existing rates by 2.25 and then, multiplying by 2.57. In other words,the multiplication factor shall be raised from 2.25 to the level of 2.57 for them also, as in case of regular employees.

f)The pensions / Family pensions of the state government pensioners shall also be revisedusing the methodology as adopted for Revision of Pay, as indicated in pera-2(b) above for regular employees, subject to Minimum pension of Rs 8000/- per month of maximum pension of Rs 1,07,450/- per month. Existing rates of additional pension shall continue.

3. The necessary notification to give effect to the above changes is being issued shorty. Detailed instructions on revision of pay, wages and pensions shall be issued separately in due course of time.


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