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AMC conducts eviction drive to vacant illegally occupied sidewalks

Occupying the sidewalks is not a new phenomenon. This culture is from the left period.

The busiest places in the city are already congested and crowded. In the meanwhile, many small traders are continuing their business by occupying the roads or sidewalks permanently.

Their shops were also removed from the streets and sidewalks several times. But again and again they have set up shop at the same place.

Despite several notices on behalf of Agartala Municipal Corporation, they were not moving.

The task force of Agartala Municipal Corporation launched an anti-shoplifting operation on Hariganga Basak Road Shakuntala Road in the capital on Monday.

Officials in charge of the task force said that these small traders are continuing their business day after day by showing various excuses. They have occupied a large part of the streets of the capital in the name of business.

Later, the hawkers surrounded the task forces and started protesting. According to the statement of the task force, they have already demolished the shops five to seven times as per the instructions of the corporation. But even then they are occupying the road. Hawkers have try been notified many times. But even then they are reluctant to obey the administration’s instructions.


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