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Amid threat of third wave, State Govt ready with all strategy to tackle Covid-19

The state government is fully prepared to fight the most anticipated 3rd COVID wave. The health care centres and hospitals are loaded with all medical backups, staffs and emergency systems.

On Sunday, calling a war time press conference at the secretariat DWS and ICA Minister Sushanta Chowdhury has briefed the media concerning the present COVID situation in the state.

He requested all the senior citizens, youths and concerned guardians of the state to follow strictly all the COVID rules and protocols.

He also said that a high level meeting has been done in presence of CM and other cabinet ministers where some major decisions have been made.

“Taking the seriousness of the hour, the state government has decided to impose the night curfew from January 10 to 20th of January setting the time period of 9pm to 5am all across the state.

The latter would be decided on the basis of circumstances and conditions. According to the experts opinions the spread may touch the peak this month or next month.

So, we need to be very very careful”, said Mr. Chowdhury. He also said that as some schools of the state are having exams so considering them all other schools, colleges, academic and cultural institutions of this state will be remain closed until further orders.

There is spread rate of 5% in the state presently. The additional secretary Anindya Bhattacharya and State COVID Surveillance Officer Dr. Dip Debbarama were seen assisting the minister in addressing the press yesterday.


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