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An era of peace in North East since 2014; 6000 militants surrendered; Thakur

The policy focus of Government of India is ‘Zero Tolerance Against Terrorism’, Union Minister Shri Anurag Thakur said today. In a detailed statement to the media at his residence, on the efforts of the Government to counter terrorism, Shri Thakur said that while Government has worked on the legal front by strengthening UAPA, at the same time it has also taken steps at the enforcement level by giving National Investigation Agency a truly federal structure by introducing National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Act and the collective effect of these measures has been a weakening of the ecosystem of terrorism.

Highlighting that India has raised its concerns at the highest global levels, he said that in international conferences and meetings, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has always pressed the world to unite against terror. The 90th Interpol General Assembly witnessed a participation of over 2000 foreign delegates and culminated in the announcement of ‘Global Action Against Act of Terrorism’, he added.

“The Governments resolve against terror has been displayed time and again from Surgical Strike to Balakot Strike. The action by our armed forces has caused a significant  drop in terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly, we have achieved a 94% conviction rate in terror financing cases” Shri Thakur said.

The Minister spoke at length about the efforts of the Government towards creating an atmosphere of peace in North East and said that an era of peace has dawned in North Eastern region of India since 2014 when insurgency violence has seen a sharp decline of 80 percent and civilian deaths have seen an 89 percent drop. Added to this is the achievement of surrender by six thousand militants since 2014, he underlined.

The Government is committed to go beyond armed action to counter terrorism and has worked to create an atmosphere of lasting peace across the region. These peace treatises are a legacy of the achievements of the Government. Underlining this aspect, Shri Thakur listed the peace agreements signed by the Government


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