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ARDD targets more than 50,000 families for animal rearing in current FY

“In the last financial year, 35 thousand 44 families have been given assistance in animal husbandry by the Department of Animal Resources Development under the Chief Ministers Swanirbhar Parivar Yojana. The scheme also aims to assist 51,060 families in animal husbandry in the current financial year.”

Animal Resource Development Minister Sudhanshu Das announced this news in a press conference at Secretariat on Tuesday.

Highlighting the success statistics of various programs of the Animal Resource Development Department in the press conference, he said that about 75 percent of the people of the state are working by adopting the Animal Resource Development Department plan to make them financially self-reliant through animal husbandry.

Minister Sudhanshu Das added, “Apart from this, the department is implementing various programs to meet the demand of milk, eggs and meat through animal husbandry.

The Animal Resource Development Department is working towards the treatment of animals, production of animal fodder and meeting the demand of milk, eggs, and meat of the state.”

He said that the Chief Ministers Swanirbhar Parivar Yojana has started in Tripura from the financial year 2021-2022 and it will be implemented till the current financial year.

The Animal Resources Development Minister said, “Under the Chief Minister’s Swanirbhar Parivar Yojana, 30,526 families have been assisted in animal husbandry during the financial year 2021-2022. Out of this, assistance has been given to 5487 families in pig rearing, 2743 families in goat rearing, 3945 families in goat rearing and 16,302 families in chicken rearing. 10.55 crore has been spent for this. Also, 5644 pigs were reared in this scheme in the last financial year.”


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