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Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Center Successfully Completes 200th Surgery

The state cancer hospital also popularly known as “Atal Bihari Regional Cancer Centre” has earned bunch of fames, names and lauds within and across the country in all its operative years.

On Saturday, the authorities met the press and informed about the 200th successful operation in their hospital which they are celebrating not less than any record breaking achievement.

A patient of Sabroom Manu Bazar got admitted in the centre with thyroid cancer this year. A tumour was developed inside his throat which roots had been spread near the lungs also.

Understanding the situation, the doctors then decided to go for an immediate operation cum surgery. It was not that easy as it is life risking one.

But however, with all the guts and nerve the doctors went for the surgery and got successful at the end.

Patient’s party is also highly happy and pleased after getting this surgery done by the expert onco-surgeons who are specially brought in the state from far Maharashtra.

Other doctors have also expressed their gratitude towards the surgeons of this highly successful record making surgery.


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