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Attack On Minister Rama Pada Jamatia, BJP Vice President Patal Kanya Jamatia

Scattered incidents were again sparked allegedly by the fierce supporters of Tipra Motha in the run-up to the by-elections.

BJP leader Patalkanya Jamatia was attacked again. Minister Rampada Jamatia has also been allegedly attacked by the fierce supporters of Tipra Motha.

His personal bodyguard was injured at the scene. His car was vandalized.

The madness of Motha supporters increased to such an extent that they carry out attacks even when the police and the central forces are present in the spot.

The incident that took place at the tri-junction of Champak Nagar, Jampuijala and Briddhibazar Road caused a sensation in the entire state on Thursday.

The incident happened right in front of the headquarters of the TSR 7th Battalion.

BJP leader Patalkanya Jamatia informed the Director General of State Police about the incident from the spot.

Later, due to the combined efforts of the police and the central forces, the blockade was lifted from the spot. BJP leader Patalkanya Jamatia and Minister Rampada Jamatia came out from there after that.

In the run-up to the by-elections, leaders, members and supporters of Tipra Motha have been obstructing various party functions and campaigning activities of BJP repeatedly.

The people of Tripura are becoming frustrated and angry by such one after other incidents.


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