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Attendance Restricted to 50% In Schools & Higher Educational Institutes in Tripura

From last few days, the COVID situation in the state is worsening. Each day, COVID Positive cases are increasing in the state by leaps and bounds.

Following the seriousness of the hour, on 9th January, the Chief Secretary cum Chairman of Disaster Management and Control has issued a bunch of restrictions and protocols to stop the spread and ensuring the safety of common people.

In respect of this advisory notice, the Education Department has also framed some very strict measures keeping in view the safety and wellness of students and these all will be started implementing from 11th January onwards.

The decisions are:

1) From Primary to Class 2, all classes are suspended till 15th of January.

2) Ongoing Examinations in various schools would be continued following strictly every COVID measure and rule.

3) Those candidates who are having exams should only be present in the school that day and no other students should go the school the same day.

4) In schools where examinations aren’t scheduled, 50% of the students enrolled shall attend school in each class (except Pre-primary to Class II) ensuring that every student gets to attend school once in two days.

5) All hostels would be closed except the students having exams can stay until or unless the finish their exams.

6) Students have to wear masks mandatorily and maintain the social distance while in the school premises.

7) All school staffs, teachers and officials would continue their job and have to avail sanitization facility, handwash and thermal screening before the entrances of school.
All these would be must and mandatory in every government, private, missionary as well as TTAADC school till this 15th of January.


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