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Bio village 2.0’ An wholistic approach towards Sustainable Development: Jishnu Dev Varma

Bio village 2.0’ An wholistic approach towards Sustainable Development

There was plan to install Solar filtration plant for drinking water in all the remote bio villages. This has been already successfully piloted in Kharansingh Kami under Killa block and other places. It is of prime importance ; the people there are prone to stomach ailments.

Another component- solar Micro grid for these remote bio villages was also to be taken up. This was also successfully piloted and the Hon’ble Pm interacted with the villagers.

These steps will take our Bio Villages forward to the next level.

101 Foot Bridges Sanctioned by NABARD under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund ( RIDF) . The Government has put stress on this aspect of development earlier Left Front took only 150 cr for this purpose but now more than 500 Crore/ Earlier development was town / city centric today it is village centric- Last man

Foot bridges mostly for Aspirational blocks to improve Internal connectivity . The people of these remote blocks can get easy access to amenities. Better connectivity better life.


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