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BJP confident of victory in Civic Polls: Pratima

Agartala, 20 November : Union Minister Pratima Bhowmik took part in an election rally at the MelaGhar on Friday, calling for the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s nominees ahead of the forthcoming Melaghar Pur Parishad elections.

Thousands of party workers and supporters participated in that meeting. Out of 13 wards of Melaghar Pur Parishad, BJP candidates have already won 2 seats unopposed.

Addressing the election rally for the remaining 11 candidates, Union Minister of State Pratima Bhowmik said, “The previous left government missed no chance to loot the people of that region. Now, such rule is no more there in the state.

“It is the people’s government, government of the 37lakhs Tripura Vasi” She added.

She also has shown her confidence about the victory of all candidates there. She expressed her hope about an unipolar one sided vote by the common people as the party has full public support in the state.

BJP Leaders Kishore Barman, Papia Dutta, Subrata Bhattacharya and others were present at the said meeting.


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