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BJP Lashes over former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar

On Wednesday, in reply to the Ex CM’s press conference, ICA Minister also held a defensive press statement at the BJP Headquarters.

Taking his name indirectly Minister Sushanta Choudhury missed non chance to defame and lambaste the Ex CM Manik Sarkar.

He considered Mr. Sarkar as a jealous personality. “He did nothing during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Tripura for the development and progress of the state and now he is burning over the growth of Tripura’s infrastructure and development.

Shame on him!”, said Mr.Chowdhury to the press. Also, extending this topic he said “He is not okay with the name and fame of our Chief Minister Biplab Deb as he has been doing remarkable jobs for the common people of Tripura.

PM himself praised our CM on stage and that makes Manik Sarkar jealous. Our Government is committed to the common people of this state, their faith in us and we would carry on our duty being impartial and unbiased irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Moreover, at the end of his statement he slapped hard the rogue BJP MLA Ashish Das through his remarks where he was seen quite angry and aggressive with the activities of his own party MLA Ashish Das.

Quoting him he said “Mr. Das has crossed all limits and now it’s time for paying back the results of his every action. It’s not my own personal matter but of the party in general. Let the Party decide his appropriate punishment.”


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