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BJP makes clean sweep in AMC; WINS 51 OUT OF 51 WARDS OF AMC

51 out of 51 BJP rocked this AMC Poll 2021

After a very competitive balloting session on Thursday, the final public verdict is now in BJP’s favour.

Party begins almost in every corner and gully of AMC. VIP candidates viz, Dipak Majumder, Ratna Datta, Alok Bhattacharjee shared their gladdened impression and joyful heart with the press media.

Sounds of loud DJ box and drums have occupied the air and space of the whole corporation area.

Celebrating the victory of the candidates, Cabinet Minister Sushanta Chowdhury expressed his happy face and regards to the common voters of the corporation area. “It’s the victory of common people, It is the victory of democracy .

People has shown the right way to all conspirators and perpetrators who tried their level best to jeopardise this local body poll.

Wish! They would learn a lot from this public verdict and would mend their ways before planning any conspiracy and fake political agenda targeting the common people”, Mr. Sushanta’s statement to the media.

BJP general secretary and women wing head Papia Dutta has also lambasted the oppositions with this unique and victorious poll verdict. She said that in 2023 election also the opposition would stay in zero as people has finally understood their motive and intentions.


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